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Terms and Conditions
1. Please note that this service is available for infants up to 18 weeks old ONLY.
2. Once initial telephone triage has been completed, payment is taken in full to confirm appointment booking and telephone assessment will be carried out prior to your clinic attendance.
3. Clinic appointments for oral assessment, frenulotomy and post procedure feeding support are up to 40 minutes in duration.
4. There may be a colleague in attendance at your appointment for the purposes of clinical supervision, observation or assessment.  
5. A parent or adult with legal parental responsibilities in law has to be present throughout the appointment, and for consent purposes.  The signing of consent must be provided by the birth parent/guardian who must be legally responsible for the infant with full legal/custody rights to the infant's welfare and have in their possession, the PCHR (red book).
6. Your practitioner has a duty of care to make contact with other professionals should any health or safeguarding concerns arise which may cause concern for you or your family's health or welfare.
7. Your infant will need to be handled for the purposes of assessment, examination, and if mutually agreed treatment also.  
8. The parent or legal guardian must declare any known allergies or medications taken by the infant or breastfeeding mother/parent
9. Vitamin K has been administered via injection at birth by your midwife/doctor, or if taken orally the course is complete. In the event parents do not wish for Vitamin K administration, or an oral course is incomplete, frenulotomy will be declined.
10. Any excessive blood loss may require the use of specialist dressings/techniques or attendance to local Children's Accident and Emergency Department.
11. The practitioner reserves the right to decline the procedure at any point.
12. The appearance and function of your infant’s oral anatomy can change with time. Therefore; should further opinion be sought from myself or an alternative practitioner at a later date, the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis may differ.  
13. You may 'opt-out' of any follow-up texts/contact at any point.

14. During lactation consultations, touching of the breast/nipple may be required for the purpose of assessment or when supporting your baby to attach to the breast to feed. Consent will be gained at the appointment in this case.
If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, or the practises of THRIVE Infant Wellbeing Service please contact me in writing at:
THRIVE Infant Wellbeing Service
Unit 1 Office 4 Bedford Works
Lower Bedford Street

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