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Guide for Parents/Carers

There have been reported cases of bleeding which has occurred sometime after tongue-tie division, usually on the same day, when the babies have returned home. If this occurs the bleeding is usually very light and is triggered by strenuous crying ( resulting in the tongue lifting and disturbing the wound) or when the wound is disturbed during feeding, particularly if the wound is caught by a bottle teat or tip of a nipple shield.
1. If you notice any blood in your baby’s mouth then offer the baby the breast or bottle and feed them. This will usually stop the bleeding within a few minutes just as it did immediately after the procedure. If the baby refuses to feed then sucking on a dummy/pacifier or your clean finger will have a similar effect.
2. If the bleeding is very heavy or does not reduce with feeding and stop within 15 minutes, then apply pressure to the wound under the tongue with one finger using a clean piece of gauze or muslin for 10 minutes. Do not apply pressure under the baby’s chin as this can affect breathing.
3. If bleeding continues after this time continue to apply pressure to the wound and take your baby to hospital (call an ambulance if you live more than a very short distance from the Accident and Emergency Department)

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